Weber Pulse Electric BBQ Premium BBQ Review

Weber Pulse Electric BBQ Specialist Series Premium BBQ Review

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Weber BBQ have reinvented the Electric BBQ called The Weber Pulse.  These electric barbecues are targeted towards those who want an amazing barbecue experience, with all of the efficiency and simplicity of electric power.

Featuring  electronic temperature control and smart i grill Bluetooth technology, barbecuing has never been easier, and the sweet taste of barbecued, grilled, baked or roasted food will no longer be dependent on where you live, or the weather conditions faced.

Available in Australia is two BBQ’s, Pulse 1000 and Pulse 2000, each barbecue comes equipped with state-of-the-art features such as integrated iGrill® technology that allows you to monitor the cooking temperatures from your smart phone. Featuring a high-performance electronic temperature controller and aluminium lid and cook box liners, heat is easily controlled and retained, and of course the porcelain enamelled, cast-iron cooking grills for those beautiful sear marks we all know and love.

Welcome to the new era of electric barbecuing possibilities be sure to read on.

Important note regarding any Weber BBQ

It is important to note that with any Weber BBQ that they are specifically engineered to cook with the lid down. This may come as a shock and some people might object to cooking with the lid down but the outcome of your BBQ will leave you convinced this is the way forward. They are simple to use BBQ’s. You pre-heat the BBQ for 5 minutes with the lid down. Raise the lid to put your steak or sausages on the grill then close for around 3 – 4 mins depending on how you like your meat cooked. Then raise the lid, turn over your meat and close the lid for another 3 – 4 mins. That’s it! Easy to get consistent results FAST..

Grilling On The Weber Pulse

Learn how-to cook a steak on the all new electric Weber Pulse 🥩

Posted by Weber Barbecues Australia/New Zealand on Thursday, 25 October 2018

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Weber Pulse 1000 Series BBQ Review (Weber Specialist Dealer Product)

Weber-Pulse-1000-Electric-BBQWeber Pulse 1000 is the smaller offering of the Weber Pulse Series but doesn’t lose any of it’s heat.

Simply plug this little BBQ into a power point and with the turn of  one dial (differing from it’s bigger brother the Pulse 2000)  in 5 minutes you are ready to start cooking. From bacon and eggs in the morning (using the Weber Pulse Plancha Griddle) to sausage and burgers for lunch to a casserole or roast for dinner. All possible on this amazing Weber Pulse 1000.


Weber-Pulse-1000-Electric-BBQ-InsideA key to this wonderful cooking unit is its thick cast iron porcelain enameled cooking grills. These provide you with heat retention which is perfect for searing those steaks. At the same time providing you with easy to clean cooking surfaces. Another factor in this units effectiveness at cooking is it’s insulated hood. Cooking with the lid down means great heat retention and the electric burners will have your steaks seared just like a gas BBQ.


Weber-Pulse-1000-Electric-BBQ-IGrill-ConnectionSimply hit the on dial and crank the temperature range to around half way. Leave the lid down for 4-5 minutes and you will be ready to cook. The on-board temperature control will let you know when your desired temperature is reached. If we are honest temperature doesn’t have a great deal to do with it as long as it is sitting anywhere around the 240 – 260 degree mark you will have seared steaks and juicy sausages.
Weber Pulse 1000 has a single slide out grease management tray. Simply pop off the front panel and then slide out the grease tray. These are disposable and you can get replacement trays through Weber Stores or online quite easily.




Weber Pulse Stand is perfect for holding the Weber Pulse.  This stand means that you have a great height to cook at and also takes away the need to have a table with you.

Recommended BBQ accessories for Weber Pulse 1000


Weber Pizza Stone is perfect for those home cooked pizzas on the  Weber Pulse.  This accessory means that you can have great tasting pizzas at home!





BBQ-Spare-Parts-Australian-BBQ-ReviewWeber Spare Parts are readily available through Weber BBQ (1300 301 290) directly or Weber Specialist Stores. Weber BBQ loves positive word of mouth and so stands by their product for years and in some cases decades. They are not overpriced and most stores are very helpful in identifying the parts you need.

Feature summary and who does it suit?

  • Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills
  • Cast aluminium lid and body
  • Integrated iGrill technology / For use with free Weber iGrill app
  • Slide Out Grease Management System
  • Removable components and front control panel
  • Power Button with Integrated RCD Safety Function
  • Integrated clip for safe routing of cord
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Status Indicator Light
  • Digital Thermometer with LED displayFront access grease tray with catch pan
  • Stainless steel lid handle
  • Aluminium Heat Retention Liners
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty
  • Spare Parts readily available through Weber Specialist dealers or Weber BBQ
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the technical information provided is accurate. Always consult the Weber Pulse brochures and a Weber Specialist Dealer to be sure that information provided is accurate.