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Weber BBQ’s we have reviewed:

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Weber BBQ ReviewsWeber Baby Q 1200 Premium BBQ – Black, Red and TitaniumWeber-Q-1200-All-Colours


Weber BBQ ReviewsWeber Q 2200 Premium BBQ – Black, Red and TitaniumWeber-Q-2200-All-Colours


Weber BBQ ReviewsWeber Q 3200 Premium BBQ – Black, Red and TitaniumWeber-Q-3200-All-Model-Colours


Weber BBQ ReviewsWeber Spirit Premium BBQ Review Weber-Spirit-E-310-Premium-BBQ


Weber BBQ Reviews Weber Genesis 2Weber Genesis 2 Premium BBQ Review Weber-Genesis-2-410-BBQ-Review



Weber-BBQ-IconHistory and Background to Weber BBQ Australia and New Zealand.

Weber BBQ are a household name in Australia and New Zealand. From their origins in Chicago, Illinois where George Stephen invented the Weber kettle using a half sphere of sheet metal from the factory where he worked, Weber Brothers Metal Works
George produced more kettles for sale and started demonstrating in shopping centres and supermarkets around Chicago

In 1959 George Stephen bought out Weber Brothers and turned the factory to kettle production.

Weber Kettle Gold PremiumIn 1978 Ross McDonald became the representative for Weber BBQ’s in Australia and went all around his home town of Adelaide promoting these amazing Weber Kettle BBQ’s. Opening up in New Zealand as well, they soon took off as people discovered the amazing flavour of charcoal BBQ’s.

Today they are an Australian Icon and still produce that amazing ‘Weber Flavour’

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