Weber Pulse (Electric BBQ) Grill…


Switch On Flavour!

Introducing the all new Weber Pulse, our latest innovation. Reinventing the electric barbecue, you’ve never seen anything like this before ⚡

Posted by Weber Barbecues Australia/New Zealand on Monday, 27 August 2018

Check out this beauty  Weber Pulse Electric BBQ is coming to Australia!

This grill will be perfect for an apartment or small courtyard. Coming with cast iron cooking grates to achieve amazing flavour and sear marks that you just can’t get in the kitchen. With the Weber Pulse being powered by electricity, there’s no need to worry about any restrictions on using gas or charcoal, and you’ll never run out of fuel. You’ll even be notified on your smartphone when your food is perfectly cooked thanks to the integrated iGrill thermometer.

Weber Australia have released this BBQ $699 take a look at this teaser video we will have a review soon! Get excited those in apartments and space restrictive areas.