Weber Q Question – There is no roast setting on my Weber Q? Some tell you to cook on the lowest setting after pre heating but others say medium. Which is best please?

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One of the most common uses of the Weber Q is roasting and the pending question, how do I roast in one?

To start off with you will need two accessories. It is a Weber Q Trivet and Weber Q Convection Trays.

Weber-Q-TrivetSimply put the Trivet lifts the roast up to allow the convection heat to travel around it.



Weber-Q-Convection-TraysThe convection tray is cut to shape so Weber Trivet fits perfectly in it. The convection tray serves to catch excess fat that drips off the roast and also acts to deflect the heat so the bottom of your roast does not burn.

When you are roasting you need to pre-heat the barbecue.

To pre-heat your Weber Q open the lid and place the convection tray and roasting trivet in position on the grill of the BBQ. Turn the burner control knob
to START/HI  and press the red ignition button to light the barbecue. Once
alight, allow the Weber Q to run for 10 minutes with the lid closed.

Now that preheating is done turn the burner control knob to the medium setting  You can now place your meat inside the Weber Q, placing it in the centre of the roasting trivet. Remember, there is no need to turn the meat when roasting, so do not open the lid unnecessarily.

Roasting Tip
Getting the timing right so that your roast is cooked to your liking can be difficult at times when cooking outside. Wind, ambient temperature and the temperature of the meat when you started cooking all influence the amount of time a roast needs to be cooked. One of the best ways to make sure you get
your roast cooked just the way you like it is to use a meat thermometer.

With a standard meat thermometer you can read the internal temperature of the meat, so you can tell when it’s cooked to your liking. The latest meat thermometers are digital/remote. They really are fool-proof and one of the best brands for this is Maverick BBQ Thermometers. They are both reliable and accurate. The wireless thermometers mean that you can be inside whilst knowing what was happening on the BBQ. Easily used in both the Weber Q (Gas BBQ) and a Weber Kettle (Charcoal BBQ).