BBQ Buying Guide – Weber, BeefEater, GrandFire – Australia and New Zealand


One of the most important questions to ask before entering a BBQ Shop is how much discount can I expect?

What follows is a rough guide to pitching your dollar at a BeefEater BBQ, Weber BBQ or Grandfire BBQ.

For a BeefEater BBQ you would be looking at a 10 – 15% discount off RRP would be a great angle to pitch at. Depending on the retailer and the time of year you may get towards the 15% but a standard would be 10%. Look for the Signature series BBQ’s if you want a class topping built in BBQ. Or the ProLine if you want a drop in BBQ. For more make sure you check out our BeefEater BBQ Reviews.
BeefEater BBQ Reviews Australia

For a Weber BBQ you would be looking at around 4-5% discount off RRP which isn’t much when you compare to some other brands but the quality of these BBQ’s shines through. You wont be disappointed. Even if you start off with a Weber Q or Weber Kettle you will soon be looking to add to the collection a Weber Genesis or even a Weber Summit! Make sure you check out our reviews on the Weber’s.
Weber BBQ Reviews Australia and New Zealand


For a GrandFire BBQ you would be looking around 5-7.5% off RRP at most retailers. The class leading design of these all stainless steel BBQ’s makes a real statement in your backyard. Going beautifully in a stone look bench top of standing alone as a trolley BBQ. GrandFire BBQ’s. Make sure you check out the GrandFire BBQ range.
Grandfire BBQ Reviews Australia

Whilst every effort has been made to provide the best guide possible we are unable to guaranteeĀ the above discounts at a retailer. This is a buying guide only.