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BeefEater BUGG Review

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BUGG Review

  BeefEater-BUGG-Amber-and-Graphite-Australian-BBQ-ReviewBeefEater BUGG is BeefEater entry into the portable BBQ market. Making an entrance around 2 years ago they were marketed as different because they cook with the lid up or down. With its compact size it has been popular for courtyards and small areas.

A challenge for the BUGG was the location of the control knobs. Being at the rear of the BBQ BeefEater_BUGG_Control_knob-Australian-BBQ-Reviewmeans that to change the temperature in the unit you need to move to the side of the BBQ or reach around without burning yourself.

A design upgraded in the next review of the BIGG BUGG.

BeefEater BUGG sports 2 independent burners rated at 10mj/h great when you only want to cook on one side of the BBQ. Meaning that if you want to use just the hotplate you can or vice versa for the grill. Flexibility is key with the BUGG.



BeefEater-Quartz-Start-Technology-Australian-BBQ-ReviewBUGG sports BeefEaters proprietry Ultra Reliable Ignition Quartz Start Technology ignition system. It is built into the gas control on the burner to provide trouble free starting. The ignition pin is coated with titanium, an extremely durable and lightweight metal’ to provide a cleaner, more consistent spark. And, with Quartz Start Technology there are no troublesome push buttons and no batteries to replace – ever!



Internals of the BeefEater BUGG start with the split 50 / 50
grill and plate. Giving you the option out of the box to cook succulent steaks on the right whilst still having room for your onions or mushrooms on the left hotplate. These are enamel coated cast iron so cleaning is straight forward. A steel bristle brush on the grill and a non-scratch scourer on the hotplate will do the job.


Another unique feature of the BeefEater BUGG is the Plancha Plate. There is a great interest from some to have a full plate on their BBQ. Whereas the limitation to putting two hotplates on a BBQ is both dangerous (because of the lack of air flow) and will affect the performance of the BBQ. The BUGG Plancha plate has appropriate ventilation so go ahead and cook up a storm on the Plancha Plate..

With the BUGG Cook with the hood up, for crispier and tastier grilling. Or pull the hood down for slow-cooked succulent roasts. Grab a BUGG Baking Tray and Roast Holder and you are ready.

Feature summary and who does it suit?

  • Available in two colours – Amber and Black
  • Two independent burners
  • Comes with 50 / 50 Half Plate half Grill
  • Optional Stand
  • Side Tables are removable
  • Cook with the lid up or down
  • Option of a Full Plancha Plate
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit Available
BeefEater BUGG suits those who want to make a statement in colour! With the bright eye catching Amber it will lift any backyard cooking area. High output independent burners give this BBQ the ability to cook with the lid up or down caters for those who don’t want to be limited in their cooking style. Up for BBQ and down for mouth watering roasts.



BeefEater BIGG BUGG was a great success for BeefEater BBQ in the later part of 2016. Based on the smaller BUGG the BIGG BUGG had some great improvements.

BeefEater-BUGG-Amber-AustraliaImprovements include:

  • Higher output burners 33 mj/h
  • Larger cooking surface than Weber Family Q
  • Controls to the back right of the BBQ
  • Improved wheel design
  • Useful condiment rack on the front of the BBQ
  • Easy to access re-usable drip tray

BUGG is solidly made. Seeing one in a BBQ shop will be a sure winner when you see the quality of construction. Whilst still being made of cast aluminum the frame is solid from the moment you lift the spring loaded hood to the weight of the split grill and plate.

BIGG BUGG’s whopping 16 mj/h burners give it a load of heat when you need to sear those steaks and the ability to crank down the power in an ergonomically designed way is a sure winner for any punter. The bowl design is easy to clean with any long handled paint scraper (pick one up from Bunnings) or you can just use Weber BBQ’s Cook box Scraper.

beefeater-bb722aa-bigg-bugg-black-internal-australian-bbq-reviewCleaning the BIGG BUGG’s grill is easy just use any steel bristle brush which will have you cleaned up. On the hot plate only we recommend you use a non-scratch scourer. Enamel coating will prevent rusting but we would recommend a BUGG teflon liner if you are doing marinades on the hotplate. This prevents the sugars from eating into the hotplate and shortening its life.

Feature summary and who does it suit?

  • Available in two colours – Amber and Black
  • Two independent burners 33 mj/h – huge heat output
  • Great size cooking area
  • Comes with 50 / 50 Half Plate half Grill
  • Stand Included
  • Side Tables are removable
  • Cook with the lid up or down
  • Reusable drip tray
  • Option to purchase a BIGG BUGG Plancha Plate for a full plate
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit Available
BeefEater BIGG BUGG was the welcome addition to the BUGG family and a sure fire competitor to the Weber Family Q. Combining the best elements of the BUGG with the improvements on the burner heat output (searing steaks easier) and also with the location of the burner controls. This BBQ suits those who want a portable BBQ but a great size cooking area.