BeefEater Signature ProLine Premium BBQ Review

BeefEater Signature ProLine BBQ Review

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BeefEater Signature ProLine BBQ Review

One of the  most exciting developments to come out of the aquisition of BeefEater BBQ by Electrolux was their  revision of the Electrolux flat top BBQ to become the upgraded BeefEater ProLine. Available in either a 6 Burner Flat Top BBQ or a 6 Burner Hooded BBQ these ProLines are jawdropping in their design and function. With their sleek design and power to match the BeefEater range of Signature ProLine integrated barbecues offers an array
of premium features like the multipurpose cast iron furnishings, powerful
QuadBurner™, and a superior oil management system. It’s everything
you want in a barbecue and more.

Sleek linear design


Signature-PROLINE-6-Burner-Built-In-BBQ-with-Hood-2BeefEater ProLine BBQ has a  low profile (flat top BBQ) design that will be well suited to those who want to go for a minimalist look for their outdoor entertaining area.  Whilst not drawing attention it is loaded under the hood as we will outlay following. Quality is at the forefront of this BBQ with all external surfaces, trim, surrounds and control knob caps are made from commercial grade 304 stainless steel.  Covers are available for these BBQ’s and would always be recommended.

Even heat distribution

Signature-PROLINE-6-Burner-Built-In-BBQ-with-Hood-3ProLine features a cast iron enamel coated cooking surface. Two independent grills and one maxiplate.  BeefEater ProLine features six powerful burners 6 stainless steel burners – with total
rating of 71 MJ/h to ensure precise heat distribution and amazing results. Starting the BBQ is easy with the Electronic Ignition through the control knobs plus you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your food will always be cooked evenly and just the way you like it.


Intuitive controls

BeefEater-Signature-ProLine-ControlsDesigned with style and function, the ergonomic controls of the BeefEater ProLine complement any suitable bench or work space.
Beef ProLine control features through the use of their clear heat level indicators to eliminate guesswork and ensure perfect results every time from your cook.


Effortless entertaining

When you need a high output side burner then turning to the powerful triple ring 23MJ/h Quad Burner with Piezo ignition and flame thrower will take care of most peoples requirements. One of the strongest wok burners on the market and coming with a convenient cast iron plate, you can turn everyday outdoor entertaining into a gourmet experience.

Featuring the same sleek lines as the ProLine BBQ’s this is a great compliment to an already fantastic existing setup.

Superior Oil Management System

BeefEater-ProLine-Oil-ManagBeefEater BBQ have made healthier cooking and easy-to clean barbecue all in one thanks to the superior oil management system on the BeefEater ProLine. The way it works is oil and grease run into easily removable containers at the front of the barbecue, while the unique angled surface drains oil away from food. There are also removable catch pans underneath the burners. This is a superior performance BBQ in our reviews.

Reliable Cast Iron with an Enamel Coating

BeefEater-ProLine-Cast-CookYou will enjoy fast heat-up with superior heat retention and consistent cooking results . ProLine showcases two cast iron enamel coated grills and cast iron enamel coated hotplate (MaxiPlate). The cast iron grills are simple to clean with a steel bristle brush. With the hotplate (MaxiPlate) you will want to use a non scratch scourer, so you can keep your barbecue looking its best for many years to come.


Building in the BeefEater ProLine Premium BBQ is easy thanks to the detailed installation guide.


A quick look at the specifications for building in the BeefEater ProLine on the BeefEater Signature ProLine Built in Series Range Guide will be a helpful first step in planning your Outdoor Kitchen area. Complete with dimensions and building instructions.


Plan, Plan and then Plan Some More.

Outdoor-Use-Guidelines-RevAlways keep in mind appropriate ventilation and always check with your local council to make sure the area that you are planning is going to get the tick of approval from your building authority.
You also want to make sure that your gas fitter is going to sign off on the installation of the BBQ by having the appropriate ventilation in your Outdoor Area.

Natural Gas Ready

Bayonet-Fitting-Australian-BBQ-ReviewNatural-Gas-Flame-Australian-BBQ-ReviewYou will need a licensed gas fitter to install this BBQ because it already converted to Natural Gas. If you are wanting to run this BBQ off a gas bottle you will need a LPG Conversion Kit available from a BeefEater Specialist Store.


BBQ-Spare-Parts-Australian-BBQ-ReviewBeefEater Spare Parts are readily available through BeefEater Stores. Unlike some BBQ manufactures BeefEater stands by their product for years and in some cases decades. They are not overpriced and most stores are very helpful in identifying the parts you need.


Feature summary and who does it suit?

  • Available in two models as a flat lid BBQ or a hooded version of the BBQ.
  • Sleek and modern design will compliment a modern outdoor kitchen design
  • Stainless Steel quality body – looks great and long lasting
  • 71 mj/h heat across ProLines 6 Burners
  • Cast Iron Enamel Coated Cooking Surfaces
  • Stainless Burners
  • Will fit on a 600mm Deep Bench thanks to the roll back hood
  • Easy access drip tray at the front of the cooking area
  • LPG Conversion Kit Available
 BeefEater has taken outdoor entertaining to a whole new level and has never looked so good. The sleek linear design is an eye catching feature to any of your guests and with considerable heat output really compliments this premium BBQ. Cast Iron Enamel coated cooking surfaces mean low maintance and the ability to add in the powerful QuadBurner™ It’s everything
you want in a barbecue and more.


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the technical information provided is accurate. Always consult the BeefEater brochures and a BeefEater specialist dealer to be sure that information provided is accurate.