BeefEater Signature Artisan Outdoor Kitchen Review

BeefEater Signature Artisan Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Review

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BeefEater Signature Artisan Outdoor Kitchen Review

Artisan-ODK-SS-Package-Plus-Fridge-and-Sink One of the most exciting developments in the BeefEater BBQ range was the BeefEater Artisan. For a long time the BeefEater 1100 Series Outdoor Kitchen has been available but not the Signature. This beautifully presented outdoor kitchen comes complete with everything that you need. From their top selling Signature 3000E or Signature 3000s  Built in BBQs, Side Burner, BeefEater Double Door Fridge and Sink. Complete with plenty of storage including the gas bottle you would be hard pressed to not be impressed by this offering.

Available in three (BBQ, Sink and Corner) different modules.

A major selling point of these Outdoor Kitchens is that they come delivered and assembled Metro Areas (always check with your BeefEater Specialist your area). This means that once you have finished your deck or your outdoor entertaining area you can have this assembled by a BeefEater specialist in what is usually 1/2 day.

BeefEater-2-Door-FridgeArtisans  BeefEater fridge has some impressive features. Noteworthy is the low noise of the fans and the fact that it has been tested to 43 degrees in the shade. Proving to be a real workhorse when the weather becomes hot and humid. BeefEater Heated Glass Doors prevent condensation on the fridge doors and the front venting means if you wanted to just build this fridge in you can quite easily.

Always try and keep the fridge full when it is on, even if it is not being used for a couple of weeks. This can be with soft drinks or bottles of water that aid the fridge to keep cool from the liquids in the cans. Be mindful where you install the fridge module to keep it out of direct sunlight and the rain as it is not waterproof.

BeefEater ProLine Artisan Outdoor Kitchen Review

Along with the BeefEater Artisan now comes BeefEater ProLine 6 Burner BBQ Natural Gas Ready. Available in either a roasting hood or flat top configuration this is one sleek unit.  With the ProLine Artisan Outdoor Kitchen you can mix and match the Fridge and Sink Module and the Corner Module to fit your area. Because this BBQ is already converted to Natural Gas you only need to be mindful of the ventilation area for your Outdoor Kitchen.


BeefEater-Artisan-Signature-LifestyleBuilding in the Artisan is as easy as having a level stable area for the assembly and delivery person to take assemble on.
What you are left with is the finished product that you have viewed in the store.
Whenever you are looking at an Outdoor Kitchen you should aOutdoor-Use-Guidelines-Revlways keep in mind appropriate ventilation and always check with your local council to make sure the area that you are planning is going to get the tick of approval from your building authority. You also want to make sure that your gas fitter is going to sign off on the conversion of the BBQ to Natural Gas by having the appropriate ventilation in your Outdoor Area.


Bayonet-Fitting-Australian-BBQ-ReviewBeefEater-Natural-Gas-KitA 9kg Gas bottle will suit the BeefEater Artisan Signature BBQ nicely with the supplied POL Hose and Regulator in its own dedicated slide out gas bottle drawer. If you are thinking of converting the Signature BBQ to Natural Gas (house gas / mains gas) you will need a licensed gas fitter and a BeefEater Natural Gas Conversion Kit. BeefEater Natural Gas Kit has a Bayonet Fitting. You will need to get a gas fitter to fit this off when he converts the BBQ. This a spring loaded fitting that works by pressing in the fitting and twisting. BeefEater ProLine is already converted to Natural Gas but you will still require a gas fitter to connect the BBQ.
Natural-Gas-Flame-Australian-BBQ-ReviewWith such a high heat output you want to make sure that if you are running natural  gas (house gas / mains gas) you have enough gas pressure to run the BBQ.


To make sure this is the case simply let your gas fitter know that the Signature BBQ is drawing 97 mj/h for a 4 Burner + 1 SL4000 (19 mj/h x 4 + 1 x 21 mj/h Wok Burner) or 116 mj/h for a 5 Burner + 1 SL4000 (19 mj/h x 5 + 1 x 21 mj/h Wok Burner)


BBQ-Spare-Parts-Australian-BBQ-ReviewBeefEater Spare Parts are readily available through BeefEater Stores. Unlike some BBQ manufactures BeefEater stands by their product for years and in some cases decades. They are not overpriced and most stores are very helpful in identifying the parts you need.


Feature summary and who does it suit?

  • Available only in Signature 4 Burner BBQ and BeefEater ProLine Natural Gas models.
  • Assembly and Delivery Service Included (Check your location with a BeefEater Specialist to see if this applies)
  • Granite benchtops
  • High quality stainless steel doors / drawers
  • Modules are UV resistant  and look great.
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit Available (Note ProLine is already Natural Gas Ready)

BeefEater Artisan Signature and BeefEater Artisan ProLine is the perfect choice for those who want to avoid a cabinet maker and the hassle and expense that at times comes with dealing with this method. BeefEater provide their top of the range BBQ’s in a stylish pre-made cabinetry complete with granite bench tops. Having delivery and assembly included in the price makes for a competitive decision when deciding how you want to build your Outdoor Area.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the technical information provided is accurate. Always consult the BeefEater brochures and a BeefEater specialist dealer to be sure that information provided is accurate.