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BeefEater BBQ are a household name in Australia. From their origins in Sydney Australia the company was set up 20-plus years ago by Peter Woodland, a founder of Barbecues Galore.

After selling out of the first company, Peter set up the Woodland Group. Continuing to build a quality brand with innovation but not forgetting their roots in high heat and quality workmanship. BeefEater BBQ now having been procured by Electrolux in early 2016 now providing a worldwide backing and further growth for this impressive BBQ.

Australian BBQ Review have reviewed the following BeefEater BBQs. These reviews and FREE and unbiased. Our objective is to equip you with the questions and knowledge before entering a BBQ shop. We hope you find this beneficial and if so please feel free to share.

BeefEater BBQ’s  we have reviewed

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BeefEater Signature 3000s Built in BBQ
BeefEater Signature Series – CLICK to view BBQ Review
BeefEater Signature ProLine – CLICK to view BBQ Review









BeefEater Signature Artisan Series – CLICK to view BBQ Review
BeefEater Artisan  ProLine Flat  Series – CLICK to view BBQ Review