BBQ Buying Guide Australia

When looking to buy one of the best BBQ’s for the Australian climate then the Australian BBQ Review can help. For our BBQ Buying Guide we have reviewed Weber BBQs and BeefEater BBQs to bring you the lowdown on the best BBQ for you and your family.

Weber Premium BBQ ReviewsBeefEater Premium BBQ Reviews

Weber BBQ ReviewsWhat size BBQ do I need for me?

This is a great first question before heading into a BBQ shop. How many people will you be cooking for?
How many people will you be cooking for, and how frequently? Do you have a family of 5 then you would most likely want to get all your food on straight away. Hence a 4 or 5 burner.  Keep in mind that the Weber style gas BBQ’s will cook in around 8 minutes, 4 min either side of steak or sausages. Most people will prefer a 4-burner gas BBQs because it’s a flexible choice for cooking for a family or more if the occasion arises.

If space is limited then why not have a look at the Weber Q range of BBQ’s. They are compact but even with the mid size Weber Q you can still cook for 4 – 8 people in relatively fast time! Check out our reviews on the amazing Weber Q.

Weber BBQ ReviewsWhat features do I need to look for when buying a premium BBQ?

This is the age old question. Why would I spend close to $1000 when I can go to Bunnings and pick up a BBQ for a couple of hundred? Whilst each premium BBQ offers something different the first is build quality. With a Bunnings special you may get 2 years or three. Most premium BBQ’s are warranted for 10 years meaning by the time you replaced a cheaper BBQ you may be in front spending the right money first. Second the ease of cooking on a premium BBQ is often easier. The heaviness of the lid is a great guage when looking at features.

Weber BBQ ReviewsWhat is so popular about charcoal BBQs? How are they different?

With the rise in popularity of the low and slow style of cooking has come the re-emergence of the charcoal style BBQ. Long heralded for its flavour charcoal is a favorurite for those who love a juicy roast with simply a set and forget method. Yes there is more work in the setup but once it is running you are free to sit back and wait to enjoy. The flexibility of charcoal also means that you can use the charcoal again for another cook. Take a look at the Weber Kettle range of BBQ’s.

Weber BBQ ReviewsHow much should I expect to pay for a premium BBQ?

The old adage of you pay for what you get is true for BBQ’s as well. With a higher price tag comes warranty, support and ultimately many years of happy grilling. Yes premium Australian BBQ’s do cost around $1000 but they are worth every penny if you get the right brand. Make sure you check out the BBQs we have reviewed.