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Introducing the all new Weber Pulse, our latest innovation. Reinventing the electric barbecue, you’ve never seen anything like this before ⚡

Posted by Weber Barbecues Australia/New Zealand on Monday, 27 August 2018

Check out this beauty  Weber Pulse Electric BBQ is coming to Australia!

This grill will be perfect for an apartment or small courtyard. Coming with cast iron cooking grates to achieve amazing flavour and sear marks that you just can’t get in the kitchen. With the Weber Pulse being powered by electricity, there’s no need to worry about any restrictions on using gas or charcoal, and you’ll never run out of fuel. You’ll even be notified on your smartphone when your food is perfectly cooked thanks to the integrated iGrill thermometer.

Weber Australia have released this BBQ $699 take a look at this teaser video we will have a review soon! Get excited those in apartments and space restrictive areas.

Exclusive – BeefEater BBQ is back at The Block 2018


Yes our sources have uncovered that this year as work has begun on the new Block Site of St Kilda’s infamous Gatwick Hotel. If you want to go and take a look check out 34 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182 The Block 2018  Address.

Picture for display purposes only (not actually The Block)

What we can uncover at this stage is that BeefEater BBQ will again showcase one of their BBQ’s at The Block 2018. Rooftop entertaining area coming up again? You bet. Our money is on the flat top BeefEater ProLine series of BBQ’s as last year showcased the Signature Series BBQ’s.

With August fast approaching it’s the perfect time to start planning your Outdoor BBQ Area. Check out our comprehensive reviews on all BeefEater BBQs and see why they are the #1 choice for alfresco dining experiences.



Weber Summit Charcoal Australia

Weber Summit Charcoal 24"Weber Summit Charcoal 24″ (61cm)

Weber really thought of everything with the Summit Charcoal Grill.  Summit Grill has both the ability to smoke meats to perfection as well as grill with direct and indirect heat.

This machine is the full package. From low and slow smoking to the fast and hot direct cook.

Whilst readily available in USA it is up to Weber Australia whether they bring in this amazing machine. Keep checking around August to see what new BBQ’s Weber will bring to Australia.

Weber Q Question – There is no roast setting on my Weber Q? Some tell you to cook on the lowest setting after pre heating but others say medium. Which is best please?

Weber-Q-2200-All-Colours Australian BBQ Review – Questions and Answers

One of the most common uses of the Weber Q is roasting and the pending question, how do I roast in one?

To start off with you will need two accessories. It is a Weber Q Trivet and Weber Q Convection Trays.

Weber-Q-TrivetSimply put the Trivet lifts the roast up to allow the convection heat to travel around it.



Weber-Q-Convection-TraysThe convection tray is cut to shape so Weber Trivet fits perfectly in it. The convection tray serves to catch excess fat that drips off the roast and also acts to deflect the heat so the bottom of your roast does not burn.

When you are roasting you need to pre-heat the barbecue.

To pre-heat your Weber Q open the lid and place the convection tray and roasting trivet in position on the grill of the BBQ. Turn the burner control knob
to START/HI  and press the red ignition button to light the barbecue. Once
alight, allow the Weber Q to run for 10 minutes with the lid closed.

Now that preheating is done turn the burner control knob to the medium setting  You can now place your meat inside the Weber Q, placing it in the centre of the roasting trivet. Remember, there is no need to turn the meat when roasting, so do not open the lid unnecessarily.

Roasting Tip
Getting the timing right so that your roast is cooked to your liking can be difficult at times when cooking outside. Wind, ambient temperature and the temperature of the meat when you started cooking all influence the amount of time a roast needs to be cooked. One of the best ways to make sure you get
your roast cooked just the way you like it is to use a meat thermometer.

With a standard meat thermometer you can read the internal temperature of the meat, so you can tell when it’s cooked to your liking. The latest meat thermometers are digital/remote. They really are fool-proof and one of the best brands for this is Maverick BBQ Thermometers. They are both reliable and accurate. The wireless thermometers mean that you can be inside whilst knowing what was happening on the BBQ. Easily used in both the Weber Q (Gas BBQ) and a Weber Kettle (Charcoal BBQ).


Unbelievable value on the amazing Weber Genesis E-330

Front-Page-Weber-BBQ-ReviewIf you are looking for a Genesis-330 then jump on this deal. Just posted at BBQ’s and Outdoor (Victoria) – $1,499 including a Weber Genesis cover. Unbelievable value with a free cover. Arguably the best value you are going to find for years on this incredible BBQ. Looks like it could be available from Weber Specialist Dealers.

If you want to check out the new Genesis then follow this link but in our opinion get on the Genesis E-330 while the stocks last. If they are sold out then get in contact with Weber BBQ 1300 301 290 for stockists in other states.

Follow this link to find out more – Amazing value Genesis E-330

BBQ Buying Guide – Weber, BeefEater, GrandFire – Australia and New Zealand


One of the most important questions to ask before entering a BBQ Shop is how much discount can I expect?

What follows is a rough guide to pitching your dollar at a BeefEater BBQ, Weber BBQ or Grandfire BBQ.

For a BeefEater BBQ you would be looking at a 10 – 15% discount off RRP would be a great angle to pitch at. Depending on the retailer and the time of year you may get towards the 15% but a standard would be 10%. Look for the Signature series BBQ’s if you want a class topping built in BBQ. Or the ProLine if you want a drop in BBQ. For more make sure you check out our BeefEater BBQ Reviews.
BeefEater BBQ Reviews Australia

For a Weber BBQ you would be looking at around 4-5% discount off RRP which isn’t much when you compare to some other brands but the quality of these BBQ’s shines through. You wont be disappointed. Even if you start off with a Weber Q or Weber Kettle you will soon be looking to add to the collection a Weber Genesis or even a Weber Summit! Make sure you check out our reviews on the Weber’s.
Weber BBQ Reviews Australia and New Zealand


For a GrandFire BBQ you would be looking around 5-7.5% off RRP at most retailers. The class leading design of these all stainless steel BBQ’s makes a real statement in your backyard. Going beautifully in a stone look bench top of standing alone as a trolley BBQ. GrandFire BBQ’s. Make sure you check out the GrandFire BBQ range.
Grandfire BBQ Reviews Australia

Whilst every effort has been made to provide the best guide possible we are unable to guarantee the above discounts at a retailer. This is a buying guide only.